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Compare Microsoft Dynamics 365 with other CRM software

Microsoft Dynamics 365 will help us analyze and analyze customer relationships with organizations and their needs. The purpose of Microsoft Dynamics 365 is to collect and integrate information. As a result, this information can be used in relation to customers, sales, effective marketing, sensitivity and market needs assessment.

Being dynamic is part of an organization’s strategy for identifying customers, keeping them satisfied and turning them into a permanent customer. Also, being dynamic in managing customer relationships with the organization helps to maximize the value of each customer.

Microsoft Dynamics installation on servers

You may have been looking to develop CRM software for your company. You must have heard the name of Microsoft customer relationship software many times besides existing CRM software.

What is the advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 over other customer relationship software?

As you know, Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a software that Microsoft has designed with a combination of CRM and ERP software capabilities in the cloud to achieve new goals. In fact, this combination is the next generation of commercial cloud applications in the cloud. In fact, Microsoft has developed this software to achieve high flexibility and extensibility. Microsoft Dynamics 365 will be the starting point for organizations looking to organize their business from day one.

Microsoft Dynamics Platform

Microsoft Dynamics Platform

Access to business information

It also lets you extract your business information and discover customer trends, business opportunities, and more. Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a complete suite of all business management functions that Microsoft has developed and delivered.

Need database

Typically, advanced software is built on a layer of complex databases. Therefore, professionals in this field must have a plan for preparing, maintaining and customizing company business information for the company’s unique business process. Microsoft intends to eliminate this issue. Microsoft has been able to standardize and record database models to create innovative applications and customizations with the confidence to expand their solutions. Customers can search for these apps in a new store. These applications are provided in the form of plugins to customers.

Microsoft Dynamics View

Microsoft Dynamics View


One important thing that can convince us that Microsoft Dynamics 365 is the right choice is Microsoft’s name. The most significant advantage that Microsoft’s customer relationship software has over other CRM software is the word Dynamics, which stands out in the name of this product.

Being dynamic

The word Dynamics denotes software changeable, so you can customize it to suit your business. The next advantage is the easy-to-use interface and familiarity of the software. Most of us have worked with Microsoft software such as Excel and Outlook, which makes us familiar with the CRM client software environment.

Software rating

The next highlight is Microsoft Dynamics 365‘s top ranking in the global rankings, which is on average third.


Another very important thing is the ability to set access levels for all employees at different levels without having to write a workflow. With this feature you can easily allow your employees to have access to their own section only. This increases security and also prevents employees from being confused.

Use Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the cloud

Another feature of Microsoft CRM software, especially in cloud mode, is its ability to use it at any time and place. Staff can also access information and data via mobile. This feature allows managers to handle processes or approve items even without being in the company. Another advantage of this feature is the possibility of teleworking.

Basic Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM capabilities

Entering a CRM into an organization does not need to change the organizational processes and only the CRM changes according to your organization’s processes. Microsoft Dynamics 365 has the following capabilities:

  • SDK Programming:
  • Form Generator:
  • Report Generator:
  •  Workflow Manager:
  • Web Base Interface
  • Full compatibility with Microsoft Office products such as Excel – Word – Outlook
  • Manage access levels based on Active Directory
  • User Role Base Access
  • Very simple to use for people with different levels of knowledge
  • Manage communication ports (email, SMS, website, fax)
  • Easy change and improvement in the processes and workflows of the organization
  • Manage employee activities and actions by managers
  • Manage Email Templates, Contracts and Knowledge Base (Template Management)
  • Full implementation of the organizational chart (Business Unit Management)
  • Designing different charts and dashboards to review different units of the organization
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