Smart OBDII Scanner

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Smart OBDII Scanner is plug and play technology, could read vehicle ECU, capture location data, send to back end server and tracking purpose.


Smart OBDII Scanner Features

Industrial class components with high quality
OBDII / EOBD, J1939 and J1708 compliant
Plug & Play technology
Comprehensive data collection and analysis
Diagnostic data
Location data
Driving behavior data
Live-OBD2-automotive-scanner-fuel-consumption-vehicle-Smart OBDII Scanner

Smart OBDII Scanner Application

  • Smart City Traffic Isometric Composition

    Fleet management and vehicle tracking

    Smart city infrastructure technology connecting and controlling cars, buses and trucks

  • Tire service flat design concept with online shopping of car spares vector illustrationCar service shop

    The auto parts store or a car repair shop is aware of your car’s needs and can use their services.

  • Design concept with insurance of health, property, travel and transportation Vehicle insurance

    You may forget to insure your car. Car insurance companies insure your car on time. And they are aware of your situation at the time of the accident.

  • Buying or renting a new or used red and speedy sports car. Dealer giving keys chain to a buyer hand.Car rental

    Smart city infrastructure technology connecting and controlling cars, buses and trucks

Smart OBDII Scanner Technical Specification

Mechanical Size 63mm (L) x 48mm (W) x 28mm (H)
Weight 50g
Interface OBD interface: 16 pin standard OBD II

Configuration interface: Micro-USB

SIM card interface: Push-Push Type

Data transmission GPRS/SMS
Positioning method GPS
Storage 2MB FLASH, up to 24,000 GPS data storage
OBD protocol SAE J1850 PWM


ISO 9141-2

ISO 14230-4

ISO 15765-4

SAE J1939

SAE J1587/J1708

Power Working Voltage 9-36VDC
Working Current Max.: <200mA 13.8/27.6VDC

Average: <150mA 13.8/27.6VDC

Sleep mode: <10mA 12/24VDC

Backup battery 3.7V/160mAH


Channels: 66

Sensitivity: -165dBm

Accuracy: 5m CEP

Time to first fix:

Cold start: <35s (typ.)

Hot start: <1s (typ.)



GSM/GPRS: 850/900/1800/1900MHz

Network protocol: Embedded TCP/IP stack


-107dBm  850/900MHz

-106dBm  1800/1900MHz

Output power:

Class 4 (2W, 33dBm)  850/900MHz

Class 1 (1W, 30dBm)  1800/1900MHz

6-axis IMU Driving behavior detection
LED Indication GPS/Cellular/OBD indication
Antenna Cellular Internal
GPS Internal
Accessories Configuration cable

OBD II extension cable

9-Pin deutsch wiring harness

6-Pin deutsch wiring harness

Power cable

Environment Working Temperature -30℃ ~ +70℃
Storage Temperature -40℃ ~ +85℃
Humidity 5%~95%(no fog)


Smart OBDII Scanner Functions

Real-time tracking

Read diagnostic data, including vehicle speed, RPM, ECT etc.

Read diagnostic trouble codes and freeze frame data

Mileage statistic

Fuel consumption statistic

Driving behavior monitoring, including speeding, hard acceleration, hard deceleration, excessive engine idle time etc.

Support passenger car / heavy duty / tracker mode

Up to 24,000 GPS data storage

Engine on/off

High engine coolant temperature


High RPM

 Hard acceleration

 Hard brake

 Sharp turn

 Quick lane change


Data reporting according to time interval, distance and heading change

Ignition on/off detection

Vehicle battery monitor

Base station ID report (when no GPS signal)

Internal battery for unplug notification

SMS alarm to user phone

Connect back end server via domain or IP address

Google Map link in location SMS

OTA FW update

Low battery voltage

Excessive engine idle time



Plug indication

Unplug notification

Fatigue driving

MIL on/off

Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 52 × 38 × 26 mm


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